(All Refurbishing Packages are insured round trip up to $500.00)

AH One Shoes will be assessing  your shoes & will be restored  by Aram , the cobbler. After a complete inspection, your shoes will be deconstructed and fully repaired, conditioned and hand polished before being returned to you. Refurbished shoe will return to you like new condition.  We use only the highest quality materials from  JR Rendenbach oak bark tanned outsoles  & combination heels. For the Alden Shoes refurbishing We use original Alden materials ( Except on the leather outsoles we use JR Rendenbach leather sole)

Not sure what needs to be done on your shoes? Please feel free to contact us prior to purchasing.

At AH One Shoes  We know your time is valuable. That’s why we want to make shoe repair as easy and as convenient as possible. From our on-line store where you can receive expert shoe repair,


We also offer sole conversion like from leather to dainite or from vibram to leather. Please contact us for more information

Please accept our sincere thanks for letting us serve you.

AH One Shoes

Thank you


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