We offer sole conversion. Please let us know what’s your project.

An Alden Indy Boot 403 conversion.

from Neo-Cork outsoles to Natural plantation crepe doubleoutsoles with fitted leather tip

An Alden Indy Boot Hunting Green suede boots conversion.

from Neo-Cork outsoles to Vibram 4014 Cristy

An Alden 684 Cordovan conversion.

from leather to Flex (Watherlock) soles, welt, heels & sunken toe plate

An Edward Green conversion.

from leather to dainite soles & heels

An Alden LWB Milkshake Suede conversion.

Natural plantation crepe double outsoles with fitted leather tip to J. Rendenbach Soles & J. Rendenbach Heels

Brooks Brothers X Alden Brown Bluchers #63 conversion

Leather sole and Heels to Dainite soles & heel, Shank removal and replace metal with fiberglass shank and the Half Sock Lining

How  Refurbishing Works





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