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Alden 96672F Tan Sunff Suede Wingtip Blucher
Single flexible leather outsole
Red Crepe Outsole & Heel

Edward Green Dover:

Hand channeled  & hand-stitched full soles & heels.

Alden Indy Boot Hunting Green Sued Vibram #4014 Cristy Sole

Alden Cape Code

Full Sole & Heel

Sample of other hand works I do

Brooks Brothers X Alden Brown Bluchers #63 conversion

Leather sole and Heels to Dainite soles & heel, Shank removal and replace metal with fiberglass shank and the Half Sock Lining

An Alden LWB Milkshake Suede conversion.

Natural plantation crepe double outsoles with fitted leather tip to J. Rendenbach Soles & J. Rendenbach Heels

An Edward Green conversion.

from leather to dainite soles & heels

An Alden 684 Cordovan conversion.

from leather to Flex (Watherlock) soles, welt, heels & sunken toe plate

An Alden Indy Boot 403 conversion.

from Neo-Cork outsoles to Natural plantation crepe doubleoutsoles with fitted leather tip